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About Creature Sculpt

This 200 page full color book discusses everything you need to know about sculpting your own creatures in Sculpey and Monster Clay.

I have been sculpting for over a decade and I taught fine art for six years. I've put my sculpting knowledge together with my curriculum building experience to bring you this information packed book that is over a year in the making. I just know you will love it!

Creature Sculpt is great for beginning sculptors and novices alike. The methods explained require some light tool use (hammer and nails, wire clippers) as well as the use of an oven. I wouldn't suggest this book for children under 10. Adult supervision is recommended for children 10 and up.

Here is a brief overview of the chapters contained in this book :

1 - Materials : An overview of clays, tools, paints, and more!
2 - Research : How to effectively create concepts for your sculptures
3 - Armature Creation : How to build an armature from a concept, Posing dynamically, Armature reinforcement, Base attachment, Mesh wings
4 - Basic Forms : How to build form with clay, Sculpting with attention to anatomy, Refining a blocked sculpture, Sculpting fingers and toes, Large scales
5 - Details and Texture : Sculpting Textures (Fur, Hair, Scales, Feathers, and Hide), Sculpting Feathered Wings, Wing Membranes, Detailing the head (several varieties); Detailing Hands and Feet
6 - Accessories and Environments : Adding Simple Accessories, Sculpting the Base, Adding Organic Details (Grass, Dirt, etc.), Adding Geometric Details (Metal, Wood, etc.)
7 - Finishing Methods : Smoothing with Rubbing Alcohol, Sanding, Baking, Priming, Repairing a cracked or broken sculpture
8 - Painting : Basic Color Theory, Painting base coats, Blending paint, Dry brush and wash techniques, Detailing, Faux metal finishes, Translucent wings, Varnishes

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