The Forest Emperor Project

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The Forest Emperor is a large scale sculpture project funded by the awesome people of It is my first piece of this size and I am sharing my learnings with all of my viewers. Check out the project through the links listed above.

For a majority of my life, I have been involved in environmental and wildlife protection. I financially support a number of organizations that are active in protecting the planet. However, I wanted to find a way to bring attention to this cause in a more personal way. I began a series of sculptures that merged fantasy creatures with the environment around us; these pieces have come to be known as my "Forest Spirit" series. (These can be seen in my gallery) In order to have more impact, I decided that a large scale piece was needed to cap the series. This would be a creature that fathered all of the plants of the forest.

With this, the idea of the forest emperor was born. He represents the spirit and life that is present in nature. Deforestation and habitat destruction are large threats to the environment and the creatures that make their homes on this planet. To bring this problem to light, the forest has been personified in this character to remind people that our planet is a living, breathing entity that should be honored.