Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Can I purchase the sculptures seen in your gallery?

A : Most of the sculptures seen in my gallery are custom made commissions and are therefore not for sale. However, I do have several originals for sale in my shop so check there just to be sure!

Q : Why are you no longer taking commissions for licensed characters aka "fan art"?

A : For the most part, this is because I no longer have a desire to do so. I want to focus my work more on original creations, especially my own personal characters and creatures.

Q : Why are the sculptures in your shop so much cheaper than your commission prices?

A : Many of the sculptures in my shop are reproductions. They are casts of an original sculpture so not as much work is involved to create them. It’s like buying a print versus an original painting.

Q : Why can’t you make x figure smaller so that it’s cheaper?

A : Smaller does not equate to cheaper. You are paying more for my time than materials. I have my sizes and prices set the way they are to give you the best detail level for any given sculpture. I will not up detail level on smaller sculptures nor will I take away detail on larger ones; it just doesn’t look good.

Q : Why don't you sculpt humans?

A : I am a creature artist! That is what I enjoy sculpting so that is what you will mostly see from me.

Q : I love this sculpture in your gallery! Will you make me a copy of it?

A : Sorry, but I do not do recreations of old pieces. Not only is it extremely boring for me, it defeats part of the purpose of owning an original. I’d be glad to create something original for you in the same vain as a past piece, but no recreations. If you are interested in reproductions, check out my shop.

Q : If I commission you, do you actually send me the sculpture?

A : Yes, of course!

Q : I want to purchase a sculpture to reproduce on my own for merchandise to sell. Can I do this?

A : Reproduction of privately commissioned pieces is strictly prohibited. However, if you are interested in purchasing reproduction rights, this is an option. Price will vary greatly depending on the end use of the final production as well as the scale of production. Please contact me if you have a serious inquiry about this.

Q : Can you reproduce my commissioned sculpture for me?

A: In most cases, no. While I do my own molding and casting, I don’t generally have time to do this for other people. If you have a fairly small project, contact me and I can see what my schedule is looking like.

Q : How long will my commission take?

A : I can complete most sculptures in a week or two once I start them. However, I may have a number of projects lined up that come before your piece. I will always give you an estimated completion date after you make your first payment.

Please remember that commissions are not the only thing I work on and I do not work on them over the weekends or on holidays. I need breaks from my job just like anyone else.

Q : I am making a video game/website/table top game/etc. It’s a totally awesome project and we would love to have you on board creating art for it. We can’t afford to pay you now but once the project takes off, you will make lots of money. Plus, it will look good in your portfolio. Are you interested?

A: No. I do not do spec work.

Q : I need a sculpture by x date. How far in advance do I need to order to have it done in time?

A : It all depends on my schedule. I do not take rush orders nor do I put other projects aside to get another done faster. If you want a sculpture for a certain date, please make sure you ask at least 6 months in advance to be safe.

Q : How well do you pack? What happens if my sculpture breaks in transit?

A :I have been packing and shipping my sculptures for over 10 years. I have learned to overpack boxes, just to be on the safe side. I use a combination of tissue paper,bubble wrap, air pack, packing peanuts, and packing paper to ensure the safest packing possible. I ship exclusively through fedEx Ground in the US and USPS Global Priority for international.

However, even after all this, breaks do occur from time to time. Most of these breaks simply involve pieces snapping off and are fixable by the customer with super glue. I have been able to successfully advise customers on how to fix more serious breaks as well.